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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer discounts for agents?

Yes, if your broker has a Muhnee account they can sponsor you under their subscription level for free.

How much do consumers or customers pay?

Consumers can signup for the free account and in most cases will not have a reason to upgrade to any other level.

What is the app encryption standard?

Muhnee follows the zero-trust corporate security model and all data is encrypted with AES-256 through all stage of its lifecycle.

How do you keep the funds safe?

Through our partners, we continually verify that audits and penetration tests are conducted to ensure each claimed protection is executing as designed.

Are there any account limits?

At the platform level we strive to make every effort to allow the maximum amount to be utilized, with that said each account may have its own limitations based on risk factors for that specific entity. If there is ever an issue we will enthusiastically work with you to resolve limitations that may be of concern.