About us

We move money in real estate.

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Our Vision

Every transaction in real estate is connected through a single platform.

Our Mission

Instantly move money to the right people by eliminating fraud and empowering everyone.

Our Values

The values that drive everything we do

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Trust & Security

We have built a platform that is representative of the team's values.

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Putting 100% into something is what we do everyday. Each person on the team believes in our mission and we strive to demonstrate this to each of our clients every day.

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We believe that in today's hybrid work environments that people should be able to complete their tasks wherever they are with whatever device they choose to use.

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Customer first

We're bringing back the belief that the customer should be first. We deliver world-class products and support for each of our world-class customers.

Our Team

The amazing team behind everything we do

Each member of our team is the best at what they do.
Our Story

Our company timeline

2022, Q3

iOS & Android App Launch

Coming Soon

2021, Q4

Restricted Beta

Through a restricted closed beta group Muhnee launched its initial functionality.

2022, Q1

Early Adopter Program

After the proof of concept and restricted beta, Muhnee launches its early adopter program.


Muhnee was Founded

Originally conceived to address the obvious need that real estate professionals have been struggling with to better track, move and report on the transfers of money.